About Us

The Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia was founded in 1957 as a nonprofit organization assisting women in forming new and lasting friendships while learning more about their new city. Membership is open to all newcomers residing in the Greater Columbia area regardless of race, creed, color or ethnic origin.

Monthly meetings are held at various restaurants with programs ranging from a fashion show in the fall to interesting and informative speakers and a Christmas Gala. Along with our social activities, our charity committee is committed to having us improve the Greater Columbia community. Each year, Newcomers’ Club contributes to several local charities or foundations with emphasis on the arts, education and women.

Our members are encouraged to take part in any or all of the activities available through the club. These activities vary based on the interests of the members. New interest groups are formed frequently and are listed in the Newsletter calendar.

The Newcomers’ Club is a volunteer organization and relies on the talents and efforts of its members. As a member volunteer, you meet new people, engage in worthwhile and challenging activities and share experiences with others new to the area.

Membership is $25 per year, pro-rated mid-year. You will receive an annual membership directory and a monthly newsletter containing a complete schedule of events.

Please send an email or call us for a membership application:
Email: information@newcomersofgreatercolumbia.com
Phone: (803) 750-6695