January 2019 Edition


New. New Year. New Beginnings. The Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia begins another year of fellowship and activities.

Let us again THANK ALL those who were responsible for bringing our club through 2018. Members of the EXECUTIVE BOARD, STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS, AND INTEREST GROUP CHAIRS did a phenomenal job of offering activities that appealed to our many members. We lunched and dined, played cards, took hikes, toured around the state, saw great movies, read good books, shared arts and entertainment experiences, partied in the spring and again in December, and heard speakers on a wide range of topics over the past twelve months.

Our incoming Executive Board, Standing Committees, and Special Interest Chairs now begin coordinating the club’s ongoing activities and developing new ideas, and perhaps new events, for 2019. For example, at our December coffee, Carol posed a question to attendees on whether it was time to CONSIDER AN ALTERNATIVE HOLIDAY CELEBRATION to replace our evening Holiday Gala. Suggestions posed included an afternoon Christmas or Holiday Tea for members only or perhaps a catered brunch or luncheon - no business meeting – but rather an opportunity to gab, laugh, and enjoy our fellowship. If you have other suggestions on how we might celebrate the holidays, please forward them to Carol and Peggy before January 8 so we can discuss them at our coffee being held that date at Pat’s. (see page 3 for details).

In regards to our Holiday 2019 plans, WE NEED A PARTY PLANNING COMMITTEE. Thus far, Nancy has volunteered to be on the planning committee, but the committee needs a chair and at least three other members to assure that no one person is over burdened.

Have you submitted your MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FOR 2019? Technically, it’s due January 1, but we do give you some leeway since it’s such a busy time of year. If you intend to continue, please respond by January 15.

Here’s one more ‘THANK YOU’ to our editor, Pam. You are our club’s treasure. All your hard work, hunting down late input, composing the newsletter, updating the calendar, adding colorful clip art to keep our attention, is deeply appreciated!

Happy New Year one and all!

Carol and Peggy
2018 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia