September 2019 Edition


Although we can still expect plenty of hot weather, summer has almost flown past us. Suddenly we¡¦re on the verge of a new season, autumn, which always proves a busy time for the Newcomers¡¦ Club. The activities that have been on hiatus, like Couples Night Out, Take a Hike, and Lunch and Learn, resume activities this month. Plus, there are various elections and a Holiday Gala coming up in the next few months.

In our next newsletter, we will announce the slate of officers nominated for the 2020 club year, provided we have a full slate. The nominating committee has been diligently working since July on fulfilling their mission. However, they have encountered many negative answers from potential candidates for the positions of Co-President, Co-First Vice President, Co-Recording Secretary and Co-Assistant Treasurer. This is very disheartening.

In my nine years of membership only 11 women have served as Co-President, when there could have been up to 18 women in that role if two new Co-Presidents were elected annually. Some of the Co-Presidents, during those 9 years, have served two or three one-year terms. It is time for some new leaders. We were fortunate that three brand new members have already stepped up and volunteered to serve on the executive board. Thank you ladies! The harsh reality is that without a full slate of nominations, this club, which has served the Greater Columbia Area for 62 years, will have to dissolve.

If you love this club and want its activities to continue, step up and contact chair Deidra or her committee members Terri, Kathy, Tricia, or Leslie. We promise you will not be serving alone. Past members of the executive board will be happy to hold your hand your first few months in office and will be ready to consult with you when needed throughout your term.

Stepping down from the soap box, here are a couple of quick updates from our July luncheon meeting:
. The By-Law revisions passed unanimously
. Lighthouse for Life and Transitions Homeless Center¡¦s Direct Client Assistance Fund were nominated to be the 2020-2021 club supported charity

Additional charity nominations will be accepted until the end of August and up to the September 3rd Coffee, provided all of the necessary documentation is provided. Note, for details about the required documentation, please contact either Carol or Peggy. We will announce the nominations by email and voting will take place at our General Meeting and Luncheon on September 26; if you are unable to attend you may cast a ballot by writing either Carol or Peggy by September 21.

Carol and Peggy
2018 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia