February 2024 Edition


Love is in the air in February reminding us to be kind and love one another. This year we get an extra day of love with it being leap year. The Newcomersí Club is full of lovely members, but does that include you? Have you turned in your 2024 membership renewal form and $25 annual dues? Time is almost up to be included in the 2024 directory. We need your form and payment by February 1. To date, we have received 67 renewals, so we are missing quite a few. We will start making calls soon to members we have not heard from. You donít want to miss out on any of the fun, mail your renewal today (and email Shirley B. to let her know itís on the way)! The presidents are working on the annual budget and will present it at the February Board meeting. The Club has been very conscious of the budget in recent years, which has allowed us to be able to cover an unexpected cost that arose with the Country Club of Lexington. They wanted to charge us $400 per luncheon for the use of the room, but thanks to two of our members, Nancy G and Leigh M, we will only be charged $400 for the year ($100/quarter).

The desire for more carpools was mentioned a few times in the member satisfaction survey, particularly traveling from Lexington to the Northeast or vice versa. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend an activity or event has an opportunity to do so. If you ever would like to find someone to carpool with, contact the interest group chairperson who can reach out to their group to help arrange a carpool. Our annual spring social is right around the corner, and we need a committee to plan this fun, social event. It is Lexingtonís turn to host this event this year. If you and your friends would like to help the club out and plan the spring social, please let the presidents know!

We had a few suggestions for new interest groups, and some returning interest groups, so be on the lookout for those. If you ever want to start an interest group, we will always welcome your ideas! We look forward to a wonderful year of love in the Newcomers Club! We are always open to suggestions and solutions. We welcome your input.

Your 2023 Co-Presidents,
Carol & Kari