July 2018 Edition


The 4th of July brings a celebration for the birthday of our nation. The colors of red, white and blue are seen everywhere, bountiful picnics provide us with hot dogs, hamburgers and fried chicken as well as apple pie. We sing patriotic songs and listen to the Boston Pops or the National Symphony on the Mall in Washington. As all of us enjoy the 242 nd birthday of our country, may we also remember the courage and bravery of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Ben Franklin stated to all who were present, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” The signatures on that document put all who
signed it in mortal danger.

Mark your calendars. On July 3, 2018 there will NOT be a Board Meeting or a Coffee. Everyone enjoy our national holiday. We WILL see you at our monthly Luncheon on July 26 at Spring Valley Country Club. Remember to send your check for your reservation to Liz by July 18, 2018.

We do have a Nominating Committee in place with Peggy as our chair. Please contact Peggy if you wish to serve as an officer or if you have a suggestion for a nominee for an office. We need to have a slate by the 10th of September for the October Newsletter. Special Interest groups will need to think of your future chairpersons for 2019.

We give Sharon and Delma special “thank you” s for chairing Out and About these past 18 months. You have provided many interesting and delightful outings for our membership each month and we are so grateful for your enthusiasm and sense of adventure.

We wish everyone a delightful summer, 2018!

Carol and Maggie
2018 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia