March 2019 Edition


Lion or Lamb - that’s what we all ask as March rolls in. But here in South Carolina, spring is heralded by the first consistently warm week in February. Yes, redbuds and ornamental magnolias have already bloomed. Yes, we know spring is assured in March, regardless of how the month starts and ends.

Are you planning to attend our Brazilian Tropical Beach Cocktail Evening on April 4 from 6-9 p m at the Kingston Harbor Community Clubhouse off Catawba Trail in Lexington? Donna, Sue, & Brenda have lined up a GREAT MENU with our caterer, including pulled pork piled on buns, cups of shrimp and grits, marinated chicken on skewers with pineapple and veggies, asparagus spears in cups with a dip, fried seasoned rice balls with aioli sauce, and an assortment of desserts. BEVERAGE SERVICE includes Italian sparkling water, tea, and coffee. A reminder, as a cocktail party, this is not
a buffet meal; the menu items will be found at various serving stations to encourage you to mingle. Our caterer assures us that there will be plenty to eat!

What about the cocktails, you ask? Unfortunately, our club cannot provide those due to a lack of liability insurance and the community clubhouse does not offer bar service. Therefore, you must BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE and MIXERS, if desired. Glassware & ice will be provided.

With palm trees already in place at the clubhouse, the committee plans decorations to pump up the tropical theme. Seating is promised for everyone scattered around the clubhouse, the pool, and the lanai. You’ll have an easy time to chat with your friends and enjoy the evening.

The cost to club members+1 is $17 each. You may bring additional guests for $20 each. Singles, couples and guests are welcome. Send reservations with checks to Brenda by the March 28th deadline. When received, Brenda will email you to confirm receipt. However, the event is limited to 80 people to assure everyone’s comfort, so get your check in as early as possible. There is parking available, but car-pooling is always a good idea.

Ladies, this event promises to be a fun evening! It will likely be unique in presentation from earlier spring socials, and Donna’s committee plans surprises which will add to your enjoyment.

Remember that tabled motion to charge an additional $15 fee to members who require a printed and mailed copy of
our monthly newsletter? We have only received four responses to our request for feedback on this proposal. The motion, originally made at the January coffee, was tabled to March. The proposal, if approved, will not go into effect until 2020. So, if you want your opinion to be heard, please contact Carol or Peggy soon.

Rejoice! Spring is almost here.

Carol and Peggy
2018 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia