August 2020 Edition


Well Ladies, August is now upon us, end of summer is nearing. Although August is the
national month of picnics, peaches, raspberry cream pie, catfish & family fun,
August 1 is Girlfriends Day, August 2 is International Friendship Day, International Day
of Forgiveness, and Sisters Day. Be an Angel Day is August 22. Kiss & Make up Day is
the 25th. And, this is also Romance Awareness Month.

There's a day for relaxation (Aug 15), being lazy (10), and beer (7) but it's probably part
of relaxation & lazy day too. Funny that International Hangover Day occurs on Aug 1.
Here are a few more:

Aug 1 National Mahjong Day
Aug 3 Watermelon Day
Aug 4 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Aug 5 National Underwear Day
Aug 8 Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day. (really!)
International Cat Day
Wear Your Mother’s Jewelry Day
Aug 10 National S'mores Day
Aug 15 National Honey Bee Day
Aug 16 National Tell a Joke Day
Aug 17 “Black Cow” Root Beer Float Day
Aug 20 World Mosquito Day (Amen!!)
Aug 21 Senior Citizen's Day
Men’s Grooming Day
Aug 23 Go Topless Day (or Women’s Equality Day)
Aug 26 National Dog Day (Arf ! Arf !)
National Toilet Paper Day
Aug 27 Just Because Day !
Aug 28 Race Your Mouse Day
Aug 29 International Bacon Day !
Aug 30 Toasted Marshmallow Day
Aug 31 National Eat Outside Day

We know these months of friend distancing are difficult for everyone but it seems August
is a month of wonderful chill out days we can use. We hope everyone can find a day,
maybe more, just being grateful for living, even if it is for having new underwear (Aug 5).
So how about Bingo Day this month through Facebook Messenger Room. If you are
already on Facebook (with access to camera on computer or phone) then you'll be all set.
We'll send out an invitation to the game. In the meantime, happiness happens (Aug 8)
& sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor's porch. .. and stay safe friends.

Donna and Evelyn
2020 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers Club of Greater Columbia