February 2020 Edition


Love is in the air....


.....exciting and new.
Come aboard, we're expecting you.
Love, life's sweetest reward
Let it flow, it floats back to you.

Love Boat soon will be making another run
The Love Boat promises something for everyone.

Love is in the air, dada da, dada da....
Love is in the air...

If you remember this song, you're probably already singing the tune. Ok, so we're not the Love Boat but it sure is a nice theme for February, and Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia is about to make "another run" into the new year with hopeful promises of "something for everyone, exciting and new." So come aboard, we're expecting you!

So far, we completed and distributed a survey to members addressing holiday events asking if members would like to try anything new this year. And the survey says... well, we'll tell you that a little later. But the good news we can share is that we have had some wonderful suggestions and feedback, and some committee volunteers who have "exciting and new" ideas of their own, "something for everyone." You see why I like this song...love is in the air... dada da, dada da...

As always, our memberships have continued to thrive. New memberships are accepted throughout the year, but our contact directory is printed once a year in January. For those who still have not given their information or confirmed their previous info to still be valid, Pat would appreciate a confirmation before printing Jan 22.

Love comes in many forms... to our spouses, our children, our grandchildren, our pets which are often loved more than humans...and to love thy neighbor. And that's what Newcomers' Club is about…sharing, supporting, caring, compassion, friendship. At every coffee I see lovely smiling, happy faces and some who really need that smile. Smiles are contagious. Kindness is contagious. And February is the month of LOVE.

We should have February all year... love is in the air...hmhmhmm

Ladies, remember February is also Heart Health Month!

Donna and Evelyn
2020 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers Club of Greater Columbia