July 2019 Edition


SUMMER? Did that happen in May this year, when we broke 100 degrees three or four days? Oh, and after a very rainy April, we were suddenly facing a minor drought, but then the second weekend in June brought rain downpours. Honestly, do we have any idea what to expect in July? Right, this is “Famously Hot Columbia,” most likely high temperatures will drive us to the mountains or the beaches to find some cool relief.

One thing about July that’s guaranteed, we will be voting on changes to the club’s by-laws at our luncheon, July 25. The changes are explained in the ballot which is included in this newsletter. If you won’t be at the luncheon, vote, sign and send your ballot to either Co-President. At the luncheon, ballots will be distributed to members who did not mail in a vote; a signature is not required. All votes will remain anonymous.

Also, in July, Deidra and her nominating committee will be talking to members to see if they are interested in serving on the Executive Board. Securing candidates is important to the continuance of our club activities. This year nominees are needed for the two Co-President positions, the two Co-First Vice President positions, the Treasurer, one Co-Assistant Treasurer position, and the Corresponding Secretary position.

We have been very purposeful in establishing shared positions. Yes, a twelve-month commitment is daunting, but our Co-Presidents traditionally split the year in half, alternating months between them. Occasionally, if one is ill or traveling, we cover for each other. Each Co-President receives an outline of tasks to be completed each month and keeps records to be passed on to the next officeholder. Plus, they are always willing to answer questions fielded by new presidents.

Co-First Vice Presidents split their jobs differently. One is responsible for arranging where our luncheons will be held and, working with the venue, plans the menu. Of late, we have been holding luncheons at Spring Valley Country Club and the Country Club of Lexington. Deidra has been filling this position and will gladly share how this works. Betty has been responsible for securing our speakers. This task has proved easier because so many members know and propose speakers. There are, of course, other ways to split these tasks.

Next month’s newsletter will cover the remaining positions, but we want to assure you that if you accept a nomination and are elected, you will not be flying blind. You will have support from previous office holders. Personally, I found that the greatest benefit of serving on the board is getting to know more of the members of our club. Our members come from all over this continent and, in some cases, the world. Each one you meet will enrich your experience in the Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia. Please seriously consider assuming a role on our Executive Board.

Carol and Peggy
2018 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia