January 2020 Edition


What is a New Year’s Resolution?
Something that goes in one year and out the other!

Well, that certainly isn’t the case in the Newcomers’ Club. We are so appreciative of the past boards’ endeavors on which we will build. We wish for all of us to have a productive and very happy new year. As we plant our feet into the tasks at hand let us remember the past and eagerly approach the future.

We look forward to entertaining new ideas as well as implementing the standards. There is no finer combination than friendships and fun. Throw in some compassion, and one has the perfect trio. Oops, better toss in some divine food, and then one has a fabulous foursome. Should we go for five? Yep, fellowship is possibly the most favorite element. Do we need the biggy, number six? Absolutely! We better be mindful of the budget. If we are able to maintain those six, we most likely will have an outstanding year.

Ending 2019 with a lovely Christmas brunch and gala was delightful. Those two events offering kindness and good cheer represent who we are. We have a board that leads, but most importantly we have you, ththe members of The Newcomers’ Club of Greater Columbia, who care. Look out 2020 here we come! TA DA!

Donna and Evelyn
2018 Co-Presidents of
Newcomers Club of Greater Columbia